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May 1, 2012- I know it's been a hot minute since we updated this site and we would like to apologize. As you may know by now, we back in the game going harder than ever with this music. Down South Thugz Vol 4 "Dope Dealin" has been doing great numbers and exceeding our expectations. If you don't got a copy of the CD or MP3 Version..please order it on iTunes, Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody, or this website. ALL CLASSICS, NO FILLERS.

Due to high demand, we will be releasing KINGZ OF THE LENE VOL 1 in June 2012 that will be showcasing the best artists from Lene Town aka Abilene, TX. It was only fair for the vets of the Lene to put together an incredible album with the locals. Kingz Of The Lene will let the world know what the city has to offer on a national basis. The tracklisting and features will be posted on here in a few weeks.

Pablo Piccasso's 3rd Solo Album "Poetry In Motion" is still in the works but is turning out to be a VERY ANTICIPATED album. The album as of right now features: Bun B, Big Gemini, Joe (Don't Wanna Be A Player, Stutter), Poetic Thug, Smoothvega...with production by Legendary Producer, Mr. Lee, Poetic Thug, DJ Rreal, and etc. Be on the lookout for the 1st single "TEST OF TIME" feat. Bun B & Big Gemini (produced by Mr. Lee) to be available on iTunes Late May/Early June 2012. Pablo's 3rd album is looking to be a Late July/Early Aug 2012 release date.

We are currently looking for THREE FEMALES to be in the UPCOMING MUSIC VIDEO "NIGHT RIDA" by POETIC THUG, PABLO PICCASSO, & BUCHOTBOYSTAR. If you or any female you know that may be interested in the parts please hit us up at

The staff would like to thank all the fans that have shown their loyalty by supporting our music and keeping our names alive. Thank you.


March 25, 2012- What's good with it World? We had to upgrade the site a little bit. This site will continue to be getting a "face lift" for the next few months for the better. First thing you may notice is the other artists pics are not at the top. The artists will be on here as soon as they get their photoshoots completed.

What's New? Down South Thugz Vol. 4 has finally been released to the world. The fourth volume of the series is the BEST one and has a little bit of everything for everyone. You can expect to hear nothing but classic tracks with ANY fillers. Volume 4 has music from the best known and upcoming artists from the southern region. The album features: BIG GEMINI, CHINGO BLING, COAST, BIG TUCK, GOLDTOES (RYDA THUGZ), ZIG ZAG (NB RIDAZ), POETIC THUG, PABLO PICCASSO AKA IC3, BIG CHIEF, LIL BUDA, IMMORTAL SOLDIERS, ETERNAL (FORMELY OF LATIN EMBASSY), MEXIKAN PRINCE, JP THA PYREXICAN, BUCHOTBOYSTAR, NARKOTIC, AND MANY MANY MORE!!!

As you can see, we have a show called "325 LIVE TV" that will be airing episodes real soon. We will be posting up Interviews, Shows, Autograph Sessions, Studio Sessions, Old Footage and ETC. Everything you can think of, we are gonna go beyond that limit. This is another way to interact with our fans and show you the people behind the mic. Be looking for the 1st Episode really really soon. If you have not already subscribe, then what you waiting for??? SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!!

Have you ever told yourself..... I would like to have my picture inside an album cover? Don't ask yourself any longer. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying whatever you would like about Poetic Records and click on that picture on the bottom right of this site to submit it. Be sure to add your name, location and age. Once we get all the fan signs together, we will be making a collage of all the pictures and putting them on an upcoming album. NOW THAT AIN'T SO HARD, IS IT???

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that has support us from day one or just heard about us recently. We are committed to give you the music you want to hear and that is CLASSICZ!!! So to show our appreciation, we put a FREE DOWNLOADS section for your DOWNLOADING needs. Enjoy!!