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Welcome to the Official Site Of Poetic Records/Dirty State Entertainment

Poetic Records was founded by Poetic Thug and co-founded by Lil' Buda back around 1995. Poetic Thug & Lil' Buda were the only artists on the label at the time. They were rapping over mainstream beats and recording them with a karaoke machine on cassettes. In 1999, Poetic Thug recorded a song called "Can't Move On" about a guy not being able to move on with his love life because he is still in love with his ex. Star 106.3FM, a latin/kumbia/tejano radio station only, heard the song and started to play it on rotation. The song became a Lene Town favorite and was requested all the time. Poetic Thug then recorded a song called "Always On My Mind" Featuring Marianna that took off on the radio airwaves and that was requested more than the previous single. The buzz began for Poetic Thug and he was invited to open up for Kumbia Kingz. Around this time, Poetic Thug's cousin, Romeo, moved down from Lansing, Michigan. Romeo wanted to persue a rap career with Poetic Thug and they recorded a hit single called "Shine" the same day. The next day, they took the song to the radio station and everybody was in love with that the two of them recorded the first ever album from Poetic Records called: Poetic Thug & Romeo "Severe Weather" (1999). The album sold thousands of cds and is still selling till this day. Around this time, they were opening up for Johnny Z, Kumbia Kingz, Slim Thug, ESG, Lil Keke, and etc. In 2000, Poetic Thug began working on a solo album entitled "Latino Heat". The album was released in 2001 and had features from Russell Lee, Saven (Now known as Natalie...."Goin Crazy" song), Mr. Sincere and many more. The radio kept playing the hit singles: "Keep It On Da Hush" Feat. Mr. Sincere & Romeo, "Down South Playaz" Feat. Natalie, Lil Buda & Gifted and "Latino Heat" feat. Mr. Sincere & Romeo. Poetic Records was getting booked with Natalie, South Park Mexican, Baby Bash, Grimm, Juan Gotti, Twin Beredaz, Rasheed, Latin Embassy, and many more. In 2002, Poetic Records signed Mr. KG, IC3, Big Chief and Ellis and began working on the 1ST EVER COMPILATION ALBUM from Abilene, TX called: Down South Thugz "Thugz On A Rise" Vol. 1. which was released the same year. The album sold thousands of copies and is considered a classic to a lot of fans. The album has features from: Baby Bash, Lucky Luciano, Ayana, Baby Sosa, the entire Poetic Records camp and many more. The other 2 albums that were released in 2002 was: Big Chief "Mi Vida" and HalloLene (Da Lened & Chopped Album) Vol. 1. In 2003, Poetic Records released Ellis's debut solo album "Turning Dreamz 2 Reality", Lil' Buda's long awaited solo album "Blazin' Through TX" which blazed off the music shelves. Lil' Buda's album is also called a classic from the fans and has been sold out for sometime now. We are in the process of getting this album re-mastered and re-released with a few bonus tracks added. IC3 "H 2 ThrOwed" solo album was also released in 2003 and is considered a masterpiece in Texas. In 2005, Poetic Records released Poetic Thug's 2nd Solo Album "Da One & Only" that features: Baby Bash, Powda, Juan Gotti, Rasheed, Adassa, Natalie, Speedy Noriega, Eternal and many more! The song "Freak In Me" feat. Baby Bash & Powda was on major rotation throughout the nation and was played on Pocos Pero Locos in Cali. In 2006, Poetic Records released Down South Thugz "Playa Status" Vol. 2 that featured Paul Wall, Twin Beredaz, Eternal , Ese-Loc, Steve Austin and many more. The 2nd volume did better sales than the 1st one and is a fan favorite. Now in 2008, Poetic Records released the 3rd volume of Down South Thugz "Dirty Statez Throwdest" which is selling better than any other album and has gained more fans for the label and finished off the year with HalloLene Vol. 2 (Da Lened & Chopped Album). In 2009, IC3's long awaited 2nd solo album "Cold As IC3", hit music shelves and is becoming an instant classic with features from Lucky Luciano, Raquel Serenil and more. In 2010, Big Chief "Let's Play" was finally released after several postponed release dates due to Chief wanting the world to hear nothing but classics and no fillers. The album features Big Gemini, Poetic Thug, IC3 and many more. We are currently updating the Store page. But until then, you can send us an email with what cds or DVD you would like to purchase and we can send you an invoice that you can mail to us with payment. Please note: Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. All CDs and DVDs are $10.00 FREE you aint got nothing to are getting the best creative and original music out right now. Holla back at us and don't forget to enjoy the audio.